The Sunshine Blogger Award


YAY!!! I AM so thrilled and honored to receive this lovely Sunshine Blogger Award! Hugs and kisses to Jasmine for nominating me. I really, really appreciate it. Not just the nomination but also for the simple chance of making your acquaintance. I love reading your posts, as well as your comments on my own blog… I mean – it’s really nice to feel that somebody appreciates your thoughts (no matter how silly they might seem). And I want to thank you so much for that. I wish you the best and hope you accomplish your goals for this year!

If you guys haven’t checked out her blog yet, visit her on How Useful It Is.

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1. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.
2. Nominate 11 blogs.
3. Ask them 11 questions.

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Q1. Does words come easy for you when you start to write a blog post or book reviews?

A1. Never. This is especially true with books that truly amaze me I don’t even know how I can justify them with mere words alone. However, it is easier for me to write about book tags, memes and lists rather than book reviews.

Q2. How do you manage your time? Reading, Working, Commenting, Blogging, and Life.

A2. Let’s face it. I am the worst when it comes to schedules, time management and planning. Still, I do the best I can in order to reach deadlines when it matters the most. I read at my own leisure, though my studies always comes first. I don’t want to compromise my grades even though I want to concentrate on blogging, but hopefully that won’t be a problem once I’ve graduated and found myself a job. I also comment on other blogs and post as much as I can when I’m on. I usually post once a week, at the very least. But most of the time, you’ll find me on Twitter.

Q3. Do you like to travel? Sightseeing?

A3. What kind of person doesn’t like to travel? Of course I like travelling! BUT I’m not used to going wherever I want partly because my parents are very overprotective of me, and also because I don’t have the money or self-transportation I need to get away. I’ve ridden a plane once or twice but I’ve never left the country before. But hopefully, next next summer if all things go as planned, my mother will take me to Canada for vacation. However, if I had to choose, I would travel to these following places: Ireland, India, Seoul, Japan, U.S., Macau and the whole Europe!

Q4. What book are you currently reading?

A4. The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross. I recommend you guys try it too! I’m still on Chapter 28 but already I am in love with this book – its world, the storyline plus the characters.

Q5. Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go?

A5. Sometimes. I am more of an e-reader than a physical one.

Q6. What is your favorite color?

A6. It changes from time to time. But since it’s fall, I’m leaning towards reds & oranges & yellows. Any warm color.

Q7. Do you do adult coloring?

A7. Yes!!! Adult coloring is kind of my own personal therapy and I just like getting lost in it. My stress goes away and every time I finish one page, I step back and admire what I’ve done.

Q8. Do you go to restaurants judging by the look on the outside or recommendation by friends?

A8. Definitely recommendation by friends. I don’t want to waste my money on food I possibly couldn’t like.

Q9. What is your second favorite after reading?

A9. Listening to music. Random sketching. Writing stories.

Q10. Do you fall asleep while reading?

A10. This happens to me a lot, actually. It’s frustrating. But who am I to argue with what my body needs?

Q11. Who is your book crush?

A11. It goes without saying – Rhysand. 😍

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  1. Who or what inspired you to do blogging?
  2. If you can invent something, what would it be?
  3. A book-film adaptation that you’re anticipating
  4. What do you look for most in books?
  5. What’s your favorite fairytale?
  6. Do you like happy endings or realistic ones?
  7. Which bookish villain do you have a crush on?
  8. Share a quote from a book that inspired you and why.
  9. Which fictional character do you want to switch places with?
  10. What’s your common tell when you lie?
  11. How do you react when someone ruins/dirties your book?


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There’s so many others I want to tag but I’ll add them later on. In the meantime, I’m going to catch some sleep. Goodnight guys!

I’m looking forward to all your answers! 🙂






4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Jasmine says:

    Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog 🙂 So sweet of you! Words doesn’t come easy to me either, especially face to face.. haha.. What are you studying in school? When you get a chance, do post some completed pictures of your adult coloring pages for us to see. I haven’t tried it out yet.


  2. Jay Alonzo says:

    You’re welcome. I’m studying to be a biologist,and am currently in my most trying year of years. Haha.. I’ve got some completed pictures all right but I need a few more before I can post them on my blog. And unfortunately, they’re not even related to any novels. 😉


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