Jay Alonzo has been blogging on WordPress since June 2016.

She began blogging as a result of her best friend’s influence though, way before Jay was even introduced to the blogosphere she was already a voracious reader and a hopeless writer.

She lives in the Philippines with her mom, her aunt and their cat. Currently studying BS in Biology at a local college, Jay is now approaching the last school year of her college life. Prior to that, she was a Civil Engineering student for two years until she decided to transfer to Biology after a 1-year break.

Jay has a wide variety of interests. Primary of them is reading and writing.

Sometimes, she doodles.

And portraits are her favorite to sketch.

Other times, she watches anime, Korean dramas and her favorite television shows. She’s not the athletic type, but she loves to play games like scrabble, chess and word factory.

She’s also a lover of pets and animals in general. But mostly, she’s fond of cats. She used to have so many at home but in the end they had to give some away since the family can’t take care of them all.

When it comes to food, Jay is a chocolate addict. She rarely eats vegetables but frequently devours sweets. Jay has no care for diabetes.

She’s an extremely picker and takes a long time choosing from a menu. She dislikes foods that most people would love: pizza, burgers, spicy food, etc. But she loves the aroma of coffee that hits her every time she goes into 7 Eleven.

Jay also loves to research. This is second nature to her.

She researches random stuff and anything that piques her interest. She delights in learning new information and discovering uncommon knowledge. When she’s not researching, Jay takes on a variety of projects that are solely personal to her.

But the one thing that she’s always wanted to achieve was to write a book. Jay must have accumulated hundreds of story ideas over the past several years, but none of them has actually taken shape yet.

Until now, she continues to jump from project to project, never finishing a single one. It’s an unfortunate habit of hers, but at least it keeps her brain cells from frying .

Jay has been working on her writing and communication skills for most of her life. Her introverted nature makes interacting and socializing difficult. She’s always hard-pressed to make herself clear and understood. Expressing herself in words has never been her forte. But still, she’s lucky because she’s got the most patient family in the whole wide world and a small but tight-knit circle of friends who knows her for the real her.

Maybe that’s why this blog was named A Lovelorn Virgo. Despite Jay’s hermit attitude, she also longs to be heard, belong and accepted by others.

At the same time, she is a Virgo – a perfectionist. She hates doing anything half-assed, but does it anyway sometimes. It’s why she loses motivation so easily, although she’d always bounce back right after. She continuously seeks approval from others, but mostly she seeks it from herself.

Jay Alonzo doesn’t specialize in anything, but if there’s one thing she can offer you, it’ll be her sincerity.


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