Blog Collaboration Day 3: An Interview With The Narrator of Caraval – Rebecca Soler

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Hello, Lovelies! We are down to the last day of my collaboration post with When Curiosity Killed The Cat. Today, I’m featuring an interview with the narrator who brilliantly performed Caraval. Please welcome Rebecca Soler!

She was kind enough to grant me an interview and answer a few questions about her experience narrating Caraval. I wish I’d gotten to ask her more personal questions but I think I’ll save those later for when I listen to her other works like Heartless and The Lunar Chronicles! 😉


1.What’s your favorite thing about Caraval?

The game. Stephanie Garber did such an incredible job of describing the world of Caraval and the danger of the game, that I was voraciously flipping pages to see more.


2. What inspired you for the voices of each character?

With any narration project, I try to write down all the descriptive words or phrases that an author uses to describe each character. That lets me build a foundation of who they are, their personalities, how energetic they are, how shy, what their pacing would be, any accent, what their motivations are etc. Then I attempt to make them sound like I imagine them to be. Sometimes they remind me of someone I know or someone I’ve “heard” (aka a character in a movie etc) and I emulate that voice. For Julian I was channeling my dad’s accent.


3. If you were the one inside the book, would you rather be a player or the audience?

A player! But the whole time I’d be scared out of my mind.


4. Pick anyone (can be fictional or real life) you would like to take along to the game.

Ooh awesome question. After over thinking this, I am scrapping all other ideas and going with the first gut thought that popped in my head: Hermione Granger. That girl is smart and can solve a puzzle. Plus, she has magic so Master Legend wouldn’t be the only one with an unfair advantage. Second runner up: Julie Andrews, because who wouldn’t want to spend 3 days with her? (Provided I could guarantee her safety).


5. When you were recording Caraval, did anything interesting or notable happen?

Actually, I had to rerecord every single time I said the world Caraval in the book. (Yes there were HUNDREDS of times I said that in the book). The publishers and I originally thought it would be pronounced more like the Spanish word for face (Cara). Especially since there are numerous Spanish words sprinkled throughout the novel. And after hearing the way that Stephanie referred to it, we re-recorded and did a more American vowel pronunciation. I always worry that will hurt the flow when you cut in words like that, but those wizards at Macmillan are amazing. It sounded great.


6. Who was your favorite character from the book?

Master Legend. The first time you hear his voice when he finally responds to Scarlett’s letters, is chilling. Most of the book, he is only talked about. People describe him as dangerous, possibly evil, possibly a misunderstood person. Then the cliff hanger at the end makes you crave more one on one time with him.


7. Which part of the narration did you struggle most with?

The re-recording of the word Caraval 😉


8. Tell us a bit about the projects you’re currently working on.

Right now, I am working on 2 animated series. One for Nickelodeon called Nella the Princess Night. I play the queen mom and 5 other characters. The second series is top secret project for PBS based on a beloved children’s book. So exciting. I also have been partnering with Bella Forest on her Gender Game series (super fun) and next week I record book 6. So, I am gratefully super busy.


9. Why should people read/listen to Caraval?

The world that Stephanie has created is magical, dangerous, suspenseful, dark and beautiful. Word of warning, don’t start it unless you have the time to finish it in that one sitting. You will get sucked in. It’s that good.



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Thank you for being here with us, Rebecca. And to you lovely readers, thank you for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed our segments and pls don’t forget to visit When Curiosity Killed The Cat‘s post for today. You MUST see it: the aesthetics she made – they’re a real treat for the eyes. 😉


Laters, everyone!


Blog Collaboration Day 2: Caraval Book Tag

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WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to DAY 2 of our collaboration post.

Today, we are pleased to present to you this Caraval-inspired book tag created by our joint efforts. Anyone is welcome to do this tag and enjoy answering as long as you ping us back.

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